Kupa 101 + Chugim

I wanted to take a moment to explain kupa, an important structure that shapes the way life at Mosh functions. Kupa translates directly to “cash box,” refers to our structure of collective sharing that is based on systems used on kibbutzim. For the kids, this occurs on a machaneh (camp) level with a camp-wide kupa trip, a final Mesibah (party) at the end of the session and weekly kupa treats. It might also mean sharing sunscreen, books, and more.

Kupa is a huge part of our community values here at Mosh. We strive to create an intentional community of inclusion and respect. We believe in taking responsibility for one another!

Relationships have been growing as the chanichimot have participated in daily machaneh life. In addition to pe’ulat shichva, they also have opportunities to bond with kids across all ages in their anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups). Some of the chugim we are running this session include Improvipida (improv games based on Wikipedia articles), Frisball (Frisbee and Softball), TLC (self-care and relaxation), and Reading + Art.

It’s been a great start to the week and the session!

Moshly yours,



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