Day Two!

What an exciting first two days! We greeted the campers as they arrived from buses and vans, from near and far! After getting oriented in the MLC and having some time to settle in, we had a yummy lunch of mac & cheese, kale, and garlic bread. In the afternoon, everyone got a tour of machaneh and got to meet our melavot (camper care coordinators), Allison and Elie! In the afternoon we had our first pe’ulat shichva of the summer. Campers learned about the rules of Mosh and got to know one another. After a fun evening activity, it was time for bed!

Day two is going great so far. Chanichimot had the chance to work in their anafim for the first time. Some of the anafim we have this summer are Aruchat Boker (breakfast duty), Sababa (cleaning the bathrooms), Medurah (collecting kindling for our weekly campfire), and others. This afternoon, all of camp cooled off in the heat of the day with some fun in the pool.

I look forward to filling you in as our session progresses. I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm.

Moshly yours,


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