Today, I attended the anaf MLC/Sif. This anaf sweeps the MLC (Moadon L’Chaver – Clubhouse of Friendship) and cleans the sif (sifria – library). While it may seem trivial or unimportant in the grand scheme of camp, this is one of the most important tasks at machaneh! The MLC is used for almost every single activity at machaneh, and therefore sees its fair share of dusty feet, weird insects, and lots and lots of dirt! The sifria is also used heavily at machaneh, as it is one of the bigger indoor spaces besides the chadar ochel. These spaces get dirty quickly, and it’s the job of MLC/Sif to clean them! In the sif, chanichimot put away books and board games in addition to sweeping, while also collecting lost items that people have left there and putting them in the lost and found to be returned to their owners later. In the MLC, chanichimot sweep the entire area, and on Fridays, they sweep and mop. Despite being manual labor, chanichimot have a lot of fun with avoda, and the chanichimot in MLC/Sif listen to fun music as they clean up, and can often be seen singing into the handles of their brooms.


Moshly yours,


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