Zman Metsuyan pt. 2

A few days ago, we posted a blog about Zman Metzuyan our Israel education block. That post was about programs that we ran several weeks ago during first session. Today you will learn about second session Zman Metzuyan!

During Monday’s Zman Metzuyan, our first Israel education block of second session, chanichimot participated in a scavenger hunt to discover different aspects of Jewish peoplehood. Chanichimot found clues leading them to different places around machaneh, and at each station they played a game and had a short discussion about a different aspect of Jewish peoplehood. At the Jewish history station, for example, chanichimot played a memory matching game with different events from Jewish history, and at the Israel station they made their bodies into human maps of Israel and tried to locate different places in Israel on the map.

Though educational in nature, chanichimot have a lot of fun with Zman Metsuyan.
The madrichimot plan Zman Metsuyan to include a ton of fun activities!
Chanichimot representatives from “caucus” groups meeting with Theodore Hertzl!
Chanichimot listening intently to the madrichimot during Zman Metsuyan.

After Monday’s activity on Jewish peoplehood, we spent Tuesday’s Zman Metzuyan exploring the idea of Zionism. Chanichimot participated in a mock “First Zionist Congress,” modeled after the real event that happened in 1897. Chanichimot were split into different caucus groups, each of which received a definition of Zionism. Different representatives from each caucus group got on stage to present to the congress what their group thought were the most important words in the definition.

For Wednesday’s Zman Metzuyan, we split by shichva for separate activities about the importance of affirming multiple narratives. Younger chanichimot practiced putting themselves in someone else’s shoes by performing skits about what the story of Little Red Riding Hood might look like from another character’s perspective.

Meanwhile, older chanichimot read an excerpt from a dual-narrative textbook featuring both Palestinian and Zionist accounts of the history of Israel. They discussed the importance and the challenges of holding multiple truths at the same time.

This coming week’s Zman Metzuyan will be structured by chugim (interest groups)! Chanichimot will choose to attend three consecutive sessions about Israeli food, sports, music, politics, and more. Regardless of which option they choose, chanichimot will be sure to enjoy a fun and nuanced look into Israeli culture and society.

Moshly yours,

Simone & Leah


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