First Shabbat of Second Session

A belated Shabbat Shalom to you all!

The first Shabbat of second session was a massive success! Despite initial hiccups surrounding the rain on Friday night, we ended up having rikud (Israeli dancing) outside on the basketball court after all, and Saturday was sunny and warm!

At Mosh, preparation for Shabbat begins on Friday morning, where a double shift of avoda (work) is kick-started by sugar cereal and chocolate milk! After that delicious meal, the chanichimot get to work mopping the chadar ochel, sweeping the sifria, making Shabbat decorations, scrubbing the toilets, and everything else that needs to be done in order for us to have a restful Saturday free from labor!

Friday night was shifted around briefly due to the rain, and huggy-kissy time (Shabbat greetings/photo ops) were moved to the MLC, and then to the chadar ochel. Shabbat shira (singing) was moved to the chadar ochel as well due to the rain, and the madrichimot led us in song in the chadar ochel while dinner was being set up. The chanichimot were great sports about everything, and had great fun singing all of the songs, even inside! After shira, we do prayers for Shabbat. Iliana, our guerrilla rabbi, led us in prayer and song, and soon after, we dug into the delicious Shabbat meal! For dinner, we had rosemary herbed chicken, vegetables, challah, and potatoes, with vegetarian and vegan and gluten free options available as always. By the time dinner concluded, the rain had also let up, and the chanichimot ran back to their tzrifim and ohelim to put on closed-toed shoes and get to the MLC for the bogrimot-chotrimot oneg (party)!

The oneg consisted of modern and israeli dances, a Project X (random performance), a small group song, and a large group song, as well as a hatsega, or skit. The chanichimot prepare all of this under guidance by the madrichimot, and perform it in front of the entire machaneh! The oneg went very well, and after it, everyone sprinted to the basketball court for rikud (Israeli dancing). The court had dried off a bit since the rain, so dancing through puddles wasn’t an issue!

Besides the bogrimot and chotrimot who stayed up a little to celebrate their successful oneg, the rest of the chanichimot headed to bed, tired after a long day of prepping and dancing!

Morning came and the chanichimot were up bright and early for the Saturday bagel breakfast, despite the fact that they were all offered a sleep-in. At 11, the chanichimot were led in Rejuvenation, which is a time to reflect on the week and relax. The chanichimot then attended special Shabbat chugim, including practicing instruments, doing art projects, listening to a podcast, and more. Lunch was the usual chicken nuggets, with vegan and vegetarian options as usual, and then the chanichimot went to special Madatz chugim, which were chugim led by the Madatz. With activities like cloud-watching, gaga, and water yoga, just to name a few, the chanichimot enjoyed spending time with their Madatz and having fun. Shabbat Carnival follows Madatz chugim, and chanichimot could do art projects, go swimming, play board games, and more during this time of the day.

The next part of the day is called zman tzrif/ohel, which means “time with your cabin/tent.” This is time where chanichimot split up into their tzrifim and ohelim to spend time with this small group of campers, do check-ins, eat food, play games, and chill out. After this, the chanichimot head to the basketball court for Asepha Klalit, which is a time when the chanichimot can suggest improvements or compliment things that machaneh is doing well. Some classic suggestions are “we should move the lower shetach closer to the pool!” or “we should have golf carts,” but a lot of chanichimot also use this time to say more useful things, like “the door handle to the sherutim is broken,” or “let’s be quiet during shira!” The chanichimot love voicing their own opinions and contributing to the bettering of the Mosh community.

Mishpachot (families) is the next activity in the day, and it is where chanichimot split up by the places they are from so that they can talk about things relevant to their own communities at home. There is a DC/Takoma Park mishpacha, a Silver Spring mishpacha, a Baltimore mishpacha, and even a Far and Away group for those who do not live in the more immediate east coast areas.

After mishpachot, we all head to dinner where we eat pizza and cantaloupe! Next comes musicale where chanichimot showcase their musical talents, and after that comes indoorah, which is the indoor version of the talent show/bonfire that we call medurah. Because it rained all week, the wood for the bonfire was soaked through and couldn’t be used for a fire this week. Indoorah is just as fun, though, and chanichimot love putting on acts for each other and showcasing their unique skills, whether it be joke telling or acting.

Once the first three stars in the sky are out, we pause indoorah to do Havdallah outside. This is a peaceful time where we lie down to take in the night sky and reflect on the Shabbos. Then, we circle up and sing Havdallah prayers while swaying with our arms around each other. Once Havdallah is finished, we go back into the MLC and finish the night with kumzitz, which is a time when the madrichimot lead the chanichimot in singing folk songs. Some favorite kumzitz (Yiddish for “come sit”) songs include Angel From Montgomery, Country Roads, Redemption Song, Sweet Baby James, Dark as a Dungeon, and so many more! The last song of the night is Rad Hayom, our nightly lullaby, and after it is done, the chanichimot wearily head back to their living spaces, tuckered out from a long day of Shabbos fun.

Moshly yours,


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