A large part of the day right before Shira (singing) and aruchat erev (dinner) is chugim! The structure of chugim is similar to that of anafim, except that instead of doing work around machaneh, the chanichimot get to sign up for fun activities to do! In short, a chug is an interest group. This session, we have many active and relaxed chugim, including chug softball, chug survivor (a play on the show Survivor), chug Rooster (laid-back relaxing activities), chug reading, chug Queer Kids Club, chug Hills, Thrills, and No Chills (a running/exercise chug), chug Hafta’ot (“surprises” in Hebrew – basically fun activities and learning Hebrew), and chug Moshington Post (creating a newspaper about Mosh).
One Mosh tradition is chug softball. The chug is divided into two teams and at the end of the session, there is a World Series game in which the two teams compete in front of all of machaneh! Even at the beginning of second session, we’ve already been seeing the chanichimot practice their swings and pitches extensively, obviously excited for the World Series at the end of the summer.DSC_0078


DSC_0055While fairly new to machaneh, chug Queer Kids Club provides a much needed space for queer and LGBT+ chanichimot to be with other chanichimot like them. So far, the chanichimot have done collages expressing their identities, talked about the gender binary and sexuality, expressed their own experiences with each other, and more. Having a space at machaneh where queer chanichimot can feel especially comfortable and accepted is very powerful, especially when it is led by queer members of tzevet. The chanichimot love coming to the chug every day and can’t wait to share stories, ask questions, and explore themselves!

The Moshington Post is a chug where chanichimot can feed their hunger for investigative journalism by interviewing people and writing pieces on current events at machaneh. They also write short stories, poetry, and more, all of which are published in a weekly newspaper titled “The Moshington Post.”


These are only a few of the many chugim we have at Mosh, and we will continue to update you all on fun activities happening in each chug throughout the session.

Moshly yours,


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