Melechet Yad – Bonimot

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It’s hard to believe we’ve already made it to the third day of second session! Despite lots of rain, everything has been going swimmingly. We’ve made some changes to our seder yom (schedule) for this session. Now we have zman sport (sports time) in the morning between pish and lunch. Over the past few days, we’ve worked and played in our anafim and chugim, we’ve learned in peulot, and we’ve begun different sadna’ot activities.

Today I went to the melechet yad with the bonimot during sadna’ot to do an activity with plaster of Paris bandage where the chanichimot wet the material to make face masks. The kids had a lot of fun with this activity and got sufficiently messy in the process.

DSC_0005Beyond the surface level of fun that this activity provided, the chanichimot also got together at the end to talk about self-image and insecurities within social interactions. Through this discussion, we talked about how to build a strong sense of self-image and self-worth by caring more about our own opinions of ourselves more than those of others. From making these masks to talking about our individual identities, the chanichimot were able to reconcile their own “imagined self-image” with a self-image based on our own evaluations. In continuing the conversation on body positivity and self-esteem, we hope to foster a positive and nurturing environment where chanichimot feel the most comfortable with themselves.

Moshly yours,


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