First Day of Second Session!

Today marked the first day of second session here at Mosh! After intersession came to a close this morning, the new session began with both familiar and new faces eagerly stepping off of the bus and through the tunnel of madatz!


After the usual introduction to machaneh in the MLC, which included learning cheers, meeting the madrichimot that the chanichimot will be living with, and lots of dancing, the chanichimot headed to either the lower or upper shetach to start unpacking their things from the truck. Before long, the chanichimot made their way to the chadar ochel for lunch, which was pasta and meat sauce and kale, with veggie/vegan/gluten free options for those who require it.


After the meal, the chanichimot went through a rotation of further unpacking, health checks, swim tests, and meetings with the melavimot (inclusion coordinators). The rain held up for most of it, and the happy and healthy children were able to get fully moved in and settled in their tzrifim and ohelim!  DSC_0106DSC_0132

We then had a meeting to discuss the chugim (interest groups) and anafim (work) and to give the chanichimot a chance to choose their preferred jobs and interest groups, which they will be assigned to tomorrow morning. With that out of the way, everyone headed to dinner which was grilled cheese, tomato soup, and broccoli – a Mosh favorite – with vegan and gluten-free options available. After dinner came the tochnit erev, or the evening activity. The activity for tonight was a “Meet the Madrichimot” event where groups of chanichimot had to match facts about the madrichimot with their names by going around completing a task the madrichol proposes. The activity was a lot of fun, and the kids got to know their madrichimot even better in the process. DSC_0037.JPG

The evening activity was followed by kibud (dessert) which was brownies, and the kids then headed to their ohelim and tzrifim to go to sleep after a long day of camp excitement! We are so excited for this session, and no amount of rain can put a damper on the kids’ incredible ruach (spirit)!

Moshly yours,


P.S. For help with Hebrew terminology, check out this post!

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