Bozmon IKEA

Hallå! After weeks of planning, the bogrimot finally got to see all their hard work come to fruition today in a fun-filled day of IKEA themed activities! After revolting over the lack of Swedish fish and ready-to-build flat pack furniture, the bogrimot successfully kicked out all of the madrichim and madatz and began the festivities!

The bogrimot anxiously awaiting their Bozmon call!

Chanichimot cycled through a round-robin where each activity was modeled after IKEA. Signs were in Swedish (with English translations), “employees” wore blue shirts and khakis, and activities were themed around everyone’s favorite minimalist Scandinavian furniture. 

A station led by Jonah incorporating beds and mattresses into a game!
Chanichimot loved trying to get through the inner-tube course in the pool!
In a station simulating a warehouse, chanichimot had to push each other in mop buckets in a race!
Chanichimot cheering each other on through the IKEA obstacle course!

The event ended with a pool party where the madrichimot and madatz came back to take over, and chanichimot sang a song they learned during the day.



The bogrimot, though exhausted from their feat, are now equipped with skills to be able to run machaneh. They did an amazing job today, and we are so proud of them!


Moshly yours,


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