Yom Tzedek – Amelimot & Madatz

Each session, chanichimot participate in a Yom Tzedek, or Tikkun Olam activity. The goal of this activity is to foster change and progress in the world, and help to repair the world around us. This session, I tagged along with the Amelimot and Madatz as they volunteered at the Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills. The goal of the Irvine Nature Center is to educate and inspire the protection, exploration, and respect of the outdoors. The chanichimot volunteered by catching butterflies and releasing them into a butterfly habitat at the nature center. There, the butterflies are safe to breed and multiply and repopulate the land as one of the key players in the pollination cycle!

Chanichimot especially loved learning more about the butterflies they caught once inside the butterfly habitat. There, they learned information about butterflies’ lifespans, habitat, diet, and more.

Everyone had a ton of fun exploring the vast meadows and forests!
Our guide, Ben, knew just how to finesse the butterfly from the net into the enclosure.
Inside the butterfly habitat, chanichimot learned about the different types of butterflies they caught and released all fourteen of them into the habitat!

Overall, the Madatz and Amelimot Yom Tzedek was a very successful one, and they came back with a newfound appreciation for nature around them, as well as a goal to become even more passionate stewards of the land they live on!

Moshly yours,


P.S. Stay tuned for an update on the other activities that we did for Yom Tzedek!

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