The day after Visitors’ Day, chanichimot packed their bags for tiyul! This camping trip takes place on Mosh property, so we don’t have to go far. Plus, the chanichimot love seeing the wilderness in their own backyard! The younger kids (amelimot and chotrimot) went on an easy hike to the camping spot, while the older kids (solelimot, bonimot, and bogrimot) went on a more challenging hike through the Serpentine to get to the camping spot. After everyone met up, chanichimot set up tents with the help of madrichimot, and settled in for the night. Overall, tiyul was a fun and relaxing experience where chanichimot got to be closer to nature. Kids enjoyed playing card games and teaching card games to new chanichimot, as well as building forts with logs and sticks. After some more hiking that catered to everyone’s skill levels, everyone relaxed in the cool river and sang songs by the campfire. When tiyul ended, everyone hiked back up to Mosh to start another week of fun-filled activities! Check the CampMinder for more photos of tiyul.


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