Baseball Game!

Yesterday afternoon, we travelled by bus to York, Pennsylvania to see a minor league baseball game for the Fourth of July! It was the renowned York Revolution versus the famous Sugar Land Skeeters from Texas. However, their heated rivalry went unresolved due to a thunderstorm. But before the rain, we had an amazing time cheering on both teams! The mitbach (kitchen) brought us sandwiches, chips, and apples to eat at the game. The energy the chanichimot and madatz brought to the game was astounding, and they were especially good sports even when it began to drizzle! When it began to thunder, the busses picked us up near the stadium and drove us back to Mosh. When we got back, the youngest chanichimot went to bed while everyone else sat in the MLC to watch The Sandlot; a Mosh classic! Overall, even in spite of the weather, the chanichimot had a wonderful time being out and about in York, PA and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of both the lightning and the fireworks!

We had a section of the stadium pretty much to ourselves!
Even as we were leaving, the kids were in great spirits!
When K-Man struck out, the crowd went wild, and so did we!

Moshly yours,


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