Saturday – Musicale, Havdallah, and Medurah

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Shabbat continued on a hot Saturday morning that began with a sleep in until 10:30! At 11, chanichimot went to the MLC for Rejuvenation – a time to relax and think back on their weeks at machaneh. This includes singing songs, breathing exercises, guided mediations, and more. Saturdays are very relaxed days perfect for resting and reflecting. However, the break in the schedule does not last too long.

After dinner, chanichimot are invited to sign up for Musicale – this is an event where anyone can perform songs and musical numbers. Whether acapella, with a guitar, or with a trumpet, chanichimot love to display their musical talents in front of machaneh!


Musicale is followed by Havdallah. It is with these blessings that Shabbat officially wraps up. This is an especially peaceful time when chanichimot can reflect on their days while looking at the beautiful sunset.


After Havdallah comes Medurah, which is a bonfire combined with a talent show that kids sign up to perform at. Yesterday, it was far too hot to have a bonfire, so we had “Indoor-ah” (portmanteau of “indoor” and “medurah”). Chanichimot perform all kinds of acts, including poem recitations, sing-alongs, naming every state’s capital, stand-up comedy, skits, and more!


Once all of the acts wrap up, songbooks are handed out to the chanichimot and we all sing folk songs together. This activity is called “Kumzitz,” which is Yiddish for “come sit.” A group of madrichimot grab their guitars and sit on the stage, leading a relaxed sing-along of songs such as “Country Roads,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Angel From Montgomery,” “Wagon Wheel,” and other classics. After Kumzitz, the tired chanichimot go to bed, weary after a long Shabbat.


Don’t forget to check out CampMinder for more photos!

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