Seder Yom – Daily Schedule

Every day at machaneh is packed with activities to the point where even chanichimot forget what the next activity is! To help out with the daily schedule, here is a breakdown of a regular day at machaneh. Don’t forget to check out the glossary for more help with Hebrew words!

Seder Yom: 

8:15 – Kima (wake up!)

8:45 – Aruchat Boker (breakfast)

9:15 – Hitkansut Boker (morning flagpole – we split up by anaf and mazkirut makes announcements; first of two daily tick checks is often performed at this point; pass out sunscreen to chanichimot)

9:25 – Avoda (work groups)

10:10 – Rachatza (shower/rest)

10:25 – Hatzega (daily skit)

10:40 – Peula shichva (educational activity with age group)

12:10 – Aruchat Tzohorayim (lunch)

1:20 – Menucha (rest)

2:05 – Sadna’ot (regular camp activities – e.g. canoeing – with shichva)

3:15 – Brerot (choose between swimming or playing games/sports)

4:10 – Hafsaka (15-minute break with music playing around machaneh)

4:25 – Aruchat Arba (afternoon snack)

4:40 – Zman Metsuyan (Israel/Jewish education)

5:30 – Chugim (interest groups, like reading, digging holes,

6:20 – Hitkansut Erev (Evening flagpole – split up by tzrif and ohel, announcements are made about current news, etc. Second daily tick check is often performed at this point in the day)

6:45 – Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

7:30 – Chofesh (free-time)

8:05 – Tochnit Erev (evening activity – changes every night)

8:50 – Rad Hayom! (lullaby sung together as a machaneh)

9:10 – Lower Shetach Bed Prep

9:30 – Lights Out, Amelimot!

9:45 – Lights out, Chotrimot!

10:15 – Upper Shetach Bed Prep

10:30 – Lights Out, Bonimot!

11:00 – Bogrimot Ohel Time (Time the bogrimot must be in their ohelim)

12:00 – Lights Out, Bogrimot!


Moshly yours,



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