Anaf Gan

Today, I attended anaf Gan. This anaf is especially fun for kids who love animals, as they get to feed and interact with the goats, chickens, and even our new turkey! In addition, kids help tend to the garden where we grow tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, peppers, and more! Today, half of the chanichimot fed and watered the goats and the other half watered plants, weeded beds, and filled the potato beds with soil. Kids also had fun running around with the chickens and ogling at the turkey, who is presently acclimating to his new environment here at Mosh. DSC_0183DSC_0189DSC_0193DSC_0194DSC_0210DSC_0212DSC_0213DSC_0225DSC_0227DSC_0228Moshly yours,


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