Since You’ve Been Gone…

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Last night, we had our tochnit erev introducing the madrichimot to the chanichimot! This session, it was a fun activity where the madrichimot all dressed up in funky costumes and hid around machaneh. Chanichimot then went out in groups trying to find them and guess their corresponding facts off of a list of facts about each member of tzevet. This activity always generates a lot of laughter from the chanichimot and gets them comfortable with the members of their tzevet. DSC_0051.jpgAfter this activity, chanichimot walked from the MLC to the chadar ochel for kibud (dessert) which was cake! Then, all the kids got ready for bed, finished unpacking their things, and went to sleep.

This morning we had the start our first normal day! Everyone ate breakfast, broke into groups for avodah, went to hatzega (daily skits, this session’s theme is Chanukah Goblins!), and then pish! Today, every shichva had a peula discussing kupa at machaneh.

I sat in with the Bonimot (8th&9th graders) for their peula today talking about kupa and kvutsa, both of which are important structures here. Some of the goals of the peula were to introduce new chanichimot to each other, expand everyone’s understanding of kvutsa, and help kids understand the significance of kupa at machaneh and what they can do to further its scope in their lives! The peula began with getting kids active by playing a fun game of chain-tag. DSC_0146.jpgAfter this fun game, the kids then got all together in a big group to talk about structures around machaneh where kupa is prevalent. They brought up the more obvious forms of sharing including how we share in the sherutim with toiletries, but also they brought up more nuanced forms of sharing, like how we share our ideas with each other during peulot.

The chanichimot discussed how kupa is something you have to take ownership over as a kvutsa, and likewise your decisions affect the whole group. Making a decision together isn’t always easy. It necessitates a lot of discussion and sometimes even discomfort. But working together ultimately allows a kvutsa to take responsibility for their collective summer experience and gives them the power to shape those group processes.

At the end of this, the madrichimot discussed the concept of kupa representatives who relay the needs of the chanichimot to the madrichimot. Things kids leave at home or lose, like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. can all be bought with kupa money. If one chanichol lost their deodorant, for example, they would ask their kupa rep to get them deodorant, and the kupa rep would then relay that to their tzevet who then procure that item. This is a very important yet fulfilling job that drives home the effectiveness of kupa at machaneh.

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