Construction 2018

Hello everyone!

My name is Simone Levy and I am the communications specialist for the summer 2018. This means I will be writing blog posts and taking pictures in order to provide a glimpse of what actually happens here at Mosh. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to email me at or Elana Rombro, our technical director, at and we will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Most questions regarding specific vocabulary and structures at Mosh can be answered via this glossary post that I will link at the beginning of each post for convenience.

As I said, my name is Simone. I’m from Denver, Colorado but I go to school at Lawrence University in Wisconsin where I study English. I started going to Mosh in 2010 because my cousins encouraged me to join them there, and I have been coming back ever since. I’m especially excited this summer to walk parents through what exactly their children are up to at camp, since I know I was one of those kids who barely, if ever, wrote to their parents.

simone pic

Because there is so much to do before machaneh (camp) can officially open, tzevet (staff) spend two weeks getting camp ready before the chanichimot (campers) arrive. This entails not only the manual labor of setting up ohelim (tents), moving beds, and cleaning every building, but it gives us the time to plan an exciting yet didactic tochnit (program) for the kids.

IMG_2385Toward the end of construction, the Madatz (counselors in training) arrive and build their own ohelim. This time gives the Madatz a taste of the responsibilities – both physical and mental – they will be taking on this summer.

We enter into our last Shabbat of construction feeling both tired and excited for the summer ahead. With only a few chores left to do before the kids come, we cannot wait to kick off Mosh magic in fewer than 48 hours!

Moshly yours,


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