Environmental Justice Special Erev

DSC_0254.JPGTonight was a very special erev (night)! Instead having a normal evening we had a special themed evening where we learned about environmental justice. We started off the night with a tour of different corporations and what there efforts to help the environment. We did activities based around using reusable bags, turning off the light after leaving a room, and recycling. 

We were all disappointed and angry to hear that these CEO’s actually didn’t care about the environment. That even though they talked about ways to conserve and save they actually didn’t use there own practices. While blaming us for not treating the environment well they were actually being worse. DSC_0268

When we learned this we began to organize a protest against the CEO’s of the companies. We put on face paint, made signs, and created chants. We ran to basketball court and had a rally against the corporations greed! Then we had chugim (special interest groups) about different aspects of environmental activism. Some of them were environmental racism, fracking, and the Dakota Access Pipeland.


It was an interesting and fun evening!

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