Pish Spotlight: Chotrimot

Today I joined the Chotrimot (rising 6th and 7th graders) in their morning pish (educational activity by age group).


This pish focused on shivyon erech ha’adam, the equality and uniqueness of human life, and how this core value can guide the chanichimot’s (campers’) interactions. We began by playing a fun and active game to get some energy out.


After the opening game, each chanichol (camper) was assigned a specific food, ranging from tofu to chocolate covered strawberries. Then they had to form small groups and use all of the ingredients in their group to create a dish. They named their dishes and presented them to everybody. There were some pretty innovative food creations!


Then the madrichimot (counselors) announced that all of the fruits were rotten! Each group had to present their dish again without the fruit. This time the dishes did not sound as good. We talked about why each ingredient was important in a dish and how when even one piece was missing, the entire collective was changed.


Next we related this to our own lives by introducing the concept of shivyon erech ha’adam, the uniqueness of every person that makes them different from but equal to every other person. We read a short text about the hidden spark inside every human, as well as the following quote:

There is no superior and no inferior in a system of human uniqueness. ‘[One] who kills a single . . . soul is as if [they] demolished [an] entire world.’

We talked about the meaning of these texts, and discussed what it means for us to look for the spark inside each person and treat everybody as both special and equal.


Then the Chotrimot turned discussion into action by creating a list of guidelines for how they wanted to treat one another. They came up with standards of respect and inclusion that can help shape their relationships and group dynamics.


Today’s Chotrimot pish was interesting and inspiring!

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