Shabbat is here!

The first Shabbat of second session has arrived! Shabbat at Mosh is a time to relax and reflect on the week.

We started preparing for Shabbat this afternoon with mechina, a time when chanichimot (campers) can choose between different activities that help set the tone of Shabbat. Today, the options for mechina were learning rikud (Israeli dancing), tefillah (prayer), reflective art, and creating a Mosh siddur (prayer book).


After mechina we had some time to clean our living spaces and get ourselves ready for Shabbat. Once we were all clean and dressed for Shabbat, we enjoyed huggy kissy time, an opportunity to give hugs and Shabbat greetings to friends.


Next we sang Hebrew songs together at Shabbat shira, before walking in a spiral and listening to an inspiring story from our rosh (head of camp). We also heard about the parashat hashavua (weekly Torah portion). Then it was time for Shabbat prayers and dinner! We had a festive and delicious meal in the chadar ochel (dining hall).


Tonight the Chotrimot and Bogrimot will put on an oneg (Shabbat performance), including songs, dances, and skits. After the oneg, we will all do rikud (Israeli dancing) together!


Shabbat is a time for both fun and rest. It has been a great first week of second session, and we’re looking forward to the next one!

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