First Day of Second Session!

Today was the beginning of second session 2017! We had a busy day of meeting new people and getting ready for an incredible three weeks! In the morning, the buses and van arrived and the Madatz (counselors in training) dressed up in silly costumes and welcomed the chanichimot (campers) to Mosh. We had a dance party in the MLC and learned a fun Mosh cheer. Then the madrichimot (counselors) introduced themselves, and everybody went to their living spaces to start moving in.


After a delicious lunch, each shikva (age group) rotated through various stations to get settled at Mosh. The activities included a swim test, health checks, meeting the melavimot (inclusion specalists), and a tour of machaneh (camp). Then we watched skits demonstrating all of the options for anafim (work groups), which we do every morning, and chugim (interest groups), which we do every afternoon. One anaf option is Aruchat Boker, which serves and cleans up breakfast, and one chug this session is Family Vacation, where chanichimot (campers) will pretend to go on a family vacation together and do a different related activity each day.


Then we had pish, which stands for peulat shikva, an educational activity by age group. Today, pish consisted of introductions and learning rules. Each shikva (age group) learned the rules of Mosh in a fun way. Some of the chanichimot (campers) found rules written at the bottom of bowls of pudding!


Next was hitkansut erev, a time when we gather at the flagpole to lower the flag, sing, and make announcements before dinner. After dinner, we had a tochnit erev (evening activity). Tonight’s tochnit erev was called Meet the Madrichimot. The chanichimot (campers) went around the MLC in small groups with lists of fun facts about different madrichimot (counselors). The madrichimot were scattered throughout the room dressed in costumes, and each one asked the chanichimot to complete a challenge before revealing which fact was theirs. At the end we heard all of the facts and some funny stories behind them!


It has been a great first day of second session, and we’re so excited for the next three weeks at Mosh!


A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Maia, and I am the communications specialist for (most of) second session! As Ruth did during first session, I will be writing blog posts and uploading photos to Facebook and CampMinder to keep you updated on what happens here at machaneh (camp).

This is my twelfth summer at Mosh, and I’m so excited to be back again and share what makes this place so special with the chanichimot (campers) and all of you! I just finished my first year at Brown University studying literary arts, so I can’t wait to continue my passion for writing at my favorite place. Below is a picture of me at Mosh in 2009 (I’m the one on the left).


Keep checking this blog, Facebook, and CampMinder for more updates and photos!

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