The Day of Jewish Resistance

DSC_0513This week we had a day that was a little different from a normal day. It was special day! Starting at night and continuing into the next day we had a day where we learned about Jewish history and the Jewish values of resisting and solidarity! 

The day followed the structure of four grandchildren with the guide of their three bubbes (Queen Esther, Zivia Lubetkin, and Emma Goldman) traveling through Jewish history. Examples of things we did is we had a Purim carnival where we learned the story of Esther and round robbin where we learned about 20th century Jewish history, such as unions and Jewish involvement in Spanish civil war.

At each stop in history we got a tool for resistance. At the end of the day we talked about how we can use the tools from the past in the present. We talked about what it means to resist as Jews and why it would be useful today.


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