Pish of the Day: Amelimot

DSC_0747.JPGPish is a shortened version of peulot shikvah. That means in Hebrew an activity with your age group. These activities vary from each day. Almost always they have an educational theme. Today the pish of the day is the Amelimot pish from Monday. The Amelimot are our youngest age group with chanichimot going into 4th and 5th grade.

This pish started with a game of sharks and minows across the activities field. Then they split into smaller groups and got to know each other more. Then they had a conversation about kupa. Kupa is our system of sharing at Mosh. At Mosh we like to share and contribute to the community. Our motto is “give what you can, take what you need”. Everyone contributes to kupa in some way. It could be candy, shampoo, tooth paste, etc. If you need something you can ask kupa for it and they will give it to you.

Later in the day we had a kupa asefa (kupa meeting) where we chose our system for kupa. There were many options, some serious some not so serious. We as a macheneh chose full macheneh (camp) kupa with option of shikvah (age group) with option tzrif (cabin)/ohel (tent). This means you can choose to share what you have with the whole camp, just your age group, or just with your living space.

This has been the pish of the day!


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