Avodah of the Day: MLC/Sif

DSC_0702Every morning we do avodah! Avodah means work, we do work at Mosh to keep it clean and to help Mosh run. There are many great anafim (work groups) but today we are going to focus on the one I run, MLC/Sif. The MLC, which stands for mo’adon l’chaver (the building of friendship) is the big pavilion where we do a lot of activities. It is a multipurpose room where we do shira (song learning), zman metzuyah (Israel education time), and tochnit erev (evening activity). So, it’s important that we keep that place clean. The sif is short for sifriyah which means library in Hebrew. The sif is used as a place for discussion, reading, and playing games. It also has the costume closet where we pick clothes to wear for skits.

In this anaf we sweep the floors and pick up the trash in the MLC. In the sif we sweep as well as organize the costume closet. On Fridays, we mop both places.

This is has been an avodah of the day!


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