First Day Shenanigans

DSC_0459.JPGThe first day of Mosh was a long and fun day! We did so many wonderful things. Once all the kids got here we went into the MLC (the big pavilion) and learned some new Mosh cheers. It was nice to see everyone dance and be excited to start the summer at Mosh.

After lunch, we had a round robin of actives which included a swim test and a tour of macheneh (camp). Then we went back into the MLC to see the skits for anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups). Some classic anafim are Gan (working in the garden) and Aruchat Boker (cleaning up after breakfast). We even have some really creative ones like M.O.O.P. which stands for Matter Out of Place and involves putting things away each day. Every morning at Mosh we do avodah (work) to help make Mosh run and to keep it clean. In the afternoon, we have chugim. Chugim are groups that do activies that are based on a special interest. This year some of the options are Esh v’Mayim (Fire and Water) and Frisbee!DSC_0527.JPG

DSC_0551.JPGWe then went to have an activity with the people with your age group. It was about rules and expectations for the summer. It was an appropriate time to introduce ourselves.

After dinner, we had an evening activity in which the madrichimot (counselors) introduced themselves. The theme of the night was madlibs! A team of chanichimot (campers) split up by living spaces were given a line of a story. They had to ask the madrichimot for a word, but first they had to do a challenge. One challenge was to make a song and another was to dance around and to chant their names. At the end, we read the story it was funny to see what words went into what sentences! The day was tiring but a lot of fun!DSC_0658.JPGDSC_0692.JPG

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