An Introduction!

As tomorrow is the first day of Mosh I thought it would be good to introduce the person who will be taking pictures and writing for the blog this session.


I’m Ruth, I’m the communications specialist for first session 2017. This means I’m the one writing for the blog and taking pictures. This year I hope to use the Facebook page and blog to primarily showcase work by the chanichimot (campers). I want to post quotes from them describing what they learn and had fun doing during the day. Pictures of their artwork, poetry, and other creative endeavors will be posted. I want to make short films and audio projects too. I want the blog to be mostly chanichimot based instead of me describing things every day. It will be like a letter home!

I have been going to Mosh since 2008. Bellow is a picture of me and some friends at Shabbat from 2009. In the fall, I am going to Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts to study comedic arts. So I hope this session the communications will be amusing.


Ruth Secular19832_286229473851_7193244_n


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