Pish Night!

Every Thursday evening, instead of having a regular dinner in the chadar ohel (dining hall), the chanichimot (campers) enjoy a cookout outside in their respective shtachim (living areas). The younger campers eating in the lower shetach, and the older ones in the upper, and everyone enjoys hotdogs or hamburgers, with potato chips and carrots on the side.

After everyone has eaten, the chanichimot split up into their age groups for peulat shikva (age group activity), or “pish” for short. That’s how Thursday evenings get their name – Pish Night!

Last night, each shikva did something pretty different. The amelimot (chanichimot going into 4th and 5th grade) watched a movie and enjoyed ice pops. The chotrimot (going into 6th and 7th grade) played games and swam in the pool. The bonimot (rising 8th and 9th graders) had a “beit café,” where they enjoyed tea, cinnamon buns, and had conversations in small groups reflecting on their summer. Finally, the bogrimot (rising 10th graders), took a walk around machaneh (camp), reflecting on all of their memories from past years, and then enjoyed a campfire and talked about their hopes for the future going into the next years and summers.

This past Pish Night provided fun and also closure, as the chanichimot get ready to leave Mosh in a few short days.

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