Scooby Doo Bocoup

DSC_0434 2

It’s been a busy few days at camp! Tuesday was Bocoup, when the oldest chanichimot (campers), the Bogrimot, take over camp for around six hours.

The Bogrimot planned and ran the whole afternoon, which was themed Scooby Doo. The day was focused on finding and defeating a jester. To complete their mission, the chanichimot participated in two round robins, where they learned from both villains and members of the Scooby squad about how to defeat the jester.

After a game of “catch the bogrimot,” the chanichimot went to stations with fun activities including navigating a maze, running through an obstacle course, and playing with oobleck.

The chanichimot were finally able to capture the jester during a fun game called sardines, and the day ended with a messibah (party)!

DSC_0472Even though it is just six hours, Bocoup gives the bogrimot a sense of responsibility and understanding of the way Mosh runs. To run Mosh smoothly, the bogrimot worked together and developed a greater sense of community and communication with each other. More pictures from Bocoup are on Facebook and CampMinder!

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