Yom Teva!


Today we had Yom Teva! Since we aren’t having a tiyul (camping trip) this session, we felt it was especially important to have a day focused on appreciating nature, as well as a day to create art inspired by nature.

After lunch, we spent all day outside, enjoying different natural spaces at machaneh (camp). For the first part of the afternoon, chanichimot (campers) participated in a round robin hike, with seven stations around the Mosh property. The stations included weaving grasses together in the serpentine, playing games by the ropes course, painting a mural, tracing leaves, listening and drawing by the river, canoeing in the agam (lake), and a plant identification scavenger hunt.

Later, at a relaxing carnival, chanichimot spent the time creating art and listening to music in the MLC, swimming, cloud watching, and tie dying.

At dinner, we sat by tzrif (cabin) and ohel (tent) for a short discussion that was focused on how we relate to nature and how we can respect it at Mosh and in the outside world.

After dinner, we had a bonfire! Chanichimot played cards, talked, and listened to music around the campfire. We also had a mini art gallery in the Melechet Yad (arts building), where we displayed all of the beautiful drawings that chanichimot made throught the day. Check out more pictures on CampMinder and Facebook!

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