Getting ready for Shabbat!

Shabbat at Mosh is quite different from the rest of our week. Although Shabbat doesn’t technically begin until sundown on Friday night, we begin preparing from the moment we wake up on Friday.

Breakfast on Friday is extra tasty, with special cereals like Captain Crunch and Cocoa Puffs, along with chocolate milk and orange juice. The fun breakfast gives us the strength and motivation to spend twice as long in our anafim (work groups), so that camp stays clean through all of Shabbat.

Next, we have chugim (interest groups) and Shabbat shira, which is a time when we learn songs that we sing on Shabbat. Today we learned Redemption Song, along with a few others.

In the afternoon, we have mechina, which is a time to prepare ourselves mentally for Shabbat. Each week, Shabbat has a theme that is based on the parashat hashavua, the Torah reading of the week. This week’s Shabbat we are focusing on feminism, so mechina included body-positive yoga, listening to music by female artists, making gender empowerment posters, and reading feminist short stories.

After mechina, the chanichimot (campers) have time to physically prepare themselves for Shabbat; they use this time to clean their tzrifim (cabins) and ohelim (tents), and to shower and get dressed for Shabbat.

Kabbalat Shabbat begins with everyone meeting around the toren (flagpole) to wish each other Shabbat Shalom and take some pictures. Next, we go to the MLC (big red pavilion) to sing some songs, and then we walk out to the grass and sit facing the setting sun.

Our Rosh (head of camp, Lily Sieradzki) tells us a story or offers her thoughts on the past week, on Shabbat, and on the upcoming week. This week, Lily chose to share the creation story of the Cherokee people, and encouraged us all to think about the ways that we create such a special place at Mosh.


After saying a few blessings and singing a song to welcome Shabbat, we all head to the chadar ohel (dining hall) for a delicious meal of chicken, vegetables, rice, and of course, challah.

Soon, we will watch the oneg (age-group performance), and do rikud (Israeli dancing) all together. Shabbat shalom!


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