Welcome to second session!



After an amazing first session, second session is here!

The chanichimot (campers) arrived to Mosh at noon today, where the Madatz (counselors-in-training) greeted them in their traditional silly costumes. Then, everyone went to the MLC (big red pavilion) to dance, learn some cheers, and find out who their counselors are! Here’s one of the cheers we learned today, called “I go to Mosh”

I go to mosh, I got to mosh
I go to mosh, I go to mosh
Everybody look at me ‘cause I’m a kid at mosh!
I got my swim trunks, and my flippy floppies

Where am I? I’m at the sherutim, I’m at the melechet yad!
I’m at the combination sherutim melechet yad
I go to Mosh!


After going to their living spaces to put away their stuff, the chanichimot (campers) went to the chadar ohel (dining hall), where everyone enjoyed a lunch of pizza bagels and broccoli. Everyone also made sure to drink lots of water to prepare for the action-packed, hot afternoon ahead of us.

Next, each shikva (age group) rotated through stations to help them adjust to camp! Each group went to the pool to take a swim test, got health checks at our new Marp (infirmary), took a tour of camp, and met with the melavot (inclusion specialists).

At 4:30, everyone met up in the MLC to learn about anafim (work groups) and chugim (special interest groups). The madrichimot (counselors) who are running these different groups performed silly skits to introduce their respective anafim and chugim, and then the chanichimot wrote down their preferences.

Next, we had peulat shikva (age group activity), where each shikva learned the rules of camp and got to know each other.

After dinner, we’ll have tochnit erev (evening activity), where the chanichimot will have a chance to meet the madrichimot and learn some fun facts about them!

It’s been a great first day so far here at Mosh, and we’re all so excited for the session! Keep checking the blog, Facebook page, and CampMinder for updates on all of the fun we are having!

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