Tikkun Olam and the Save the Serpentine Rally!

Every session, we spend a day outside of Mosh doing Tikkun Olam, which translates to repairing the world. At Mosh, we teach our chanichimot (campers) about social justice and taking responsibility for our communities; Tikkun Olam allows us to put these values into actions.


This past Wednesday, machaneh (camp) split into two groups. The lower shetach, which includes the Amelim, Chotrim, and Tzofim, went to Real Food Farm, an urban farm which seeks to improve access to healthy food in Northeast Baltimore. The chanichimot took a tour of the farm and helped out by weeding and spreading mulch. After a lunch of sandwiches, apples, and pretzels, we participated in an activity run by Mazon, a Jewish organization dedicated to fighting hunger. We learned about people who benefit from organizations like the one we worked with, as well as government assistance programs that aide those experiencing food insecurity. The chanichimot then wrote letters to President Obama encouraging him to keep supporting programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and free and reduced priced lunches in public schools.

The upper shetach did something similar, at a community garden run by Gather Baltimore. After weeding and working in the garden, the chanichimot participated in a peula (discussion) about food justice run by Repair the World, a Jewish organization focused on social justice.

DSC_0102After getting back to camp and enjoying some time in the pool, Chug Whose Streets? Our Streets, one of our special interest groups, helped us continue putting our values into action by organizing a rally for the Serpentine. Here’s what the chanichimot journalists in Chug Moshington Post had to say before the rally:

“The Serpentine Barrens have long been an important place at Mosh. We marvel at the strange beauty of purple serpentine grass as we hike through the Barrens, and we stare out over them from the sunset bench in the mornings. But this machaneh treasure is under attack from a foreign invader. The invasive species Greenbrier has begun to take over our serpentine, taking up space and resources that would otherwise be used by plants native to the Barrens.

So how can we end the Greenbrier infestation in our Serpentine? The chug and activist group Whose Streets? Our Streets! Has a solution. Initiating a controlled burn of the Serpentine Barrens would burn out the Greenbrier, and strengthen the local species by enriching the soil. The Susquehannock people carried out these burns for hundreds of years before European colonists robbed them of their land. As the current caretakers of this land, it is our responsibility to continue protecting the Serpentine by carrying out these burns.”

At the end of the rally, mazkirut (camp leadership) told the chanichimot they supported the idea and would bring it to the attention of the Board of Directors.

Check on Facebook and CampMinder for more photos of both our Tikkun Olam and Save the Serpentine Rally!


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