Hi, my name is Milo! I am a Madatz (CIT), and I have been going to Mosh since 2008, when I was in Amelim.

From Sunday night through Monday night the Madatz led a day full of special activities called “Revolution,” or Revo, for short. Revo is one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer. Every session, we simulate a real revolution, as the chanachimot (campers) help the Madatz overthrow the madrichimot (counselors).

This session’s Revolution revolved around the theme of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a popular cartoon with characters who represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

After kicking the madrichimot out of camp on Sunday evening, the Madatz split the chanichimot into groups. Each group represented one of the four elements. The campers found out which element they were assigned to by melting a frozen t-shirt with the name of their element written on it.

On Monday morning the Madatz ran an “intensive training program” for the campers, so that the kids could learn how to control their specific element. These activities ranged from playing soap hockey on the MLC floor to running through an obstacle course on the softball field. Other stations involved drinking iced tea, rap battles, climbing over a bridge made of inner tubes, and meditating in a massive air bubble that was constructed by the Madatz.

In the movie, the protagonist Aang has a blue arrow on his head. Joey, my fellow Madatz, shaved his head to look the part!

As the plot of Revo thickened and an evil spirit stole all of the powers from the protagonist, Aang (played by my fellow madatz, Joey), the chanichimot had to work together to take down this treacherous enemy.

Finally, during a massive battle involving throwing paint, water balloons, and baby powder, the campers were able to defeat the evil spirit. After an afternoon of hard work and tons of fun, order had been restored! The Madatz concluded Revo with a final dance party for all of the campers while the madrichimot returned to camp after the 24 hour-long coup. Although exhausted after a long day, the chanichimot and Madatz alike enjoyed an awesome Revo!

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