Shabbat Again!


We can’t believe that it is already Shabbat again at Camp Moshava – the week seems to have flown by with all the fun activities happening, the deepening of relationships with old friends and the new friends we’ve been making.


Monday and Tuesday were spent on the amazing tiyul (hiking and camping out). On Monday afternoon we left the main part of camp in groups of ten. We walked to three separate sites, still on Moshproperty, where we set up our tents and had a cook out. After dinner we sang songs under the stars and had a really special evening. Tuesday morning we awoke to the sounds of the birds chirping, and after breakfast we hiked to one of the sites, playing games along the way. After lunch on Tuesday, we arrived back at the main part of camp having had an amazing experience.


Racial Justice Night was on Wednesday. From 5 pm onwards the schedule was different and the focus of the content was about racial justice. The chanichim went through a round robin where they were able to openly discuss things like the school to prison pipeline, racial bias and microaggressions. They then had a chance to choose a chug to attend. The options ranged from depictions of race in the media to the relationships between Jewish and Arab Israelis. The night ended with a recap of the things they had all talked about as a kvutsa. At Mosh we think it is essential to educate about racial justice, to situate ourselves in our privilege and to work towards creating a more just reality as Jews and as Americans.


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