Getting our energy out!

While we have lots of time dedicated to sitting with our friends and talking about important issues at camp, it’s also important to us to have a super fun time in the afternoon to run around and get our energy out. So, each afternoon at 3:15 we have brerot (choices) and each chanich/chanicha can choose what activity they wish to do.

Each afternoon swimming is an option at both of our pools!  Our wonderful rosh brecha (head of the pool) Zach Fink keeps both the shallow and deep pools clean and clear so the kids can always jump in the water. Especially on hot days!


Besides swimming there are some classic mischakim (games) that we often have, but not everyday like the pool. Chanichim can often play games such as GaGa, basketball, and soccer with campers of all ages intermingling in some friendly competition.

But this year, we’ve had some special choices!

Last week our sports specialist Naomi Ravick organized some relaxing yoga in the gazebo. Naomi led the group through a number of poses, helping them with deep breathing and good posture.

And just yesterday our Shaliach (Israeli ambassador) Anton Marks taught us some cricket! Originally from England, Anton is a huge cricket fan and wanted to teach our chanichim anDSC_0986 unknown sport to many of us. With a portable set of wickets, balls, and bats, many of our bogrim hung out with Anton on the basketball court learning the mechanics of the game. You got to lock your elbow when you’re bowling!

Anyways, we’ve been having a great time playing old classics and learning new sports each afternoon. We love running around in the afternoon sun, but don’t worry, we’re staying hydrated!

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