Preparing for Shabbat!

“I like shabbat because it’s a time to reflect on everything that week and then think how next week can be even better. Mosh shabbat is great because everyone’s together relating to things,”- Shira Evans (Amelim)

“The oneg is fun to see everyone perform these fun things. On Saturday I like dividing by cities we live in and drinking cafe car. It’s so yummy!”- Lev Hurlburt (Chotrim)

“Hanging out with my friends and it’s different at home. There it’s quiet, but here everyone is together doing cool things like Shabbat Shira,”- Kayla Pitch (Tzofim)

“I get to be with my friends more than any other day and it feels so relaxed. I get to sleep in which I’m also excited for,”- Matan Rosenberg (Bonim)

“It’s a time of rest so everyone is together and communicting more and all day long,”- Harley Silverman (Bogrim)

So, our chanichim sure think Shabbat at Mosh is special! At Mosh we strive to make Shabbat a special entity separate from the rest of our week. While it’s not like our normal week is too strenuous, it’s important to us that Shabbat is especially relaxing so everyone can catch up on rest and have a meaningful Friday and Saturday with their friends.

Anyways, our preparation for Shabbat starts early on Friday morning. We have avodah (work) almost every morning at camp, but on Fridays we have double avodah to make camp perfect for that evening. So anafim (work groups) like Sabbaba clean the bathrooms extra well while other anafim such as veggie cutting or shabbat helped roll challah dough and weave some delicious bread. With our preperation for shabbat complete, it’s time to have some fun at chugim.


After each chanich enjoys some relaxing and fun activities, it’s time for Shira, but with a twist. Instead of being held in the MLC like usual we’re outside by our eitz ha shira (Song Tree) right by the Gazebo. That’s followed by a delicious outdoor lunch buffet with sandwiches, watermelon, and pasta where kids can sit outside with their friends and chat about whatever they wish.

Next we have a peulat shichva (age group activity) followed by a new structure we introduced last year: Mechina! Mechina is a chill time for self-reflection and expression with activities like tfilot and mindful collaging alongside a few more active games .

After some thoughtful mechina all the campers return to their tzrfim (cabins) or ohelim (tents) to clean up both their living space and themselves. With everyone washed up, we gather at the toran (flag pole) to wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom as we welcome in the Shabbos.

After some Shabbat Shira and a wonderful and reflective story from our Rosh Lily Sieradzki a handful of kids will lead kabbalat shabbat and then it’s time for our delicious shabbat dinner! So that’s all the shabbat prep, and then there’s a whole other day of great shabbat activities on Saturday, but we’ll get to that next week.

Shabbat shalom l’kulam! We wish everyone a restful, reflective, and meaningful Shabbat.

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