First day of summer 2016!

Finally the day has arrived! After over a week of tzevet (staff) and Madatz (counselors in training) getting prepared for the arrival of all our campers, the kids are finally here. Around 11 AM, the first bus arrived with the Madatz excitedly welcoming them in goofy costumes. As the kids filed off the bus and walked towards the MLC, everyone cheered and had fun. 

DSC_0884While we waited for our last few campers to arrive, everyone who had arrived, both old and new, socialized with tzevet and we began to meet each other and create the wonderful friendships that’ll make this summer so specialDSC_0888. We danced, we played games, and we talked, all of the things that make Mosh so special. Soon enough, the kids learned where they’d be living and moving in began!

After a delicious lunch of pizza bagels, brocili and salad we learned all about camp, getting a tour, swim tests, learning how camp works. Later today the campers will get a chance to chose their anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest activities) right after their peulat shichva (age group activity). Not only will they learn the camp rules, but they’ll be able to learn everyone’s name and create guidelines on how they want to treat each other throughout the session.

The first day can be tiring, especially in the heat, but everyone is full of energy, hydrated, and ready to having a great opening day of summer 2016! We can already feel the great vibes that will define this summer as an amazing one!

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