Meet our communications specialist!

You may have already seen our first blog post introducing our new nurse. Or maybe you just clicked through some pictures on Facebook. Either way, you may have noticed an uptick in Mosh’s presence on social media and the blogs. That’s because our communications specialists are getting ready for the summer to kick off. So how about we meet our communications specialist for first session? My name is Josh Schmidt!

DSC_0660So, hi! I’m Josh! This is about to be my fourth year on tzevet and my 13th summer at camp! I started back in 2004 when I was in amelim one, as soon as I could, and it’s been my home every summer since (well, except for MBI). I was communications specialist my first summer on tzevet and I can’t wait to be back in the role walking around camp, interacting with kids and taking pictures. Outside of camp I’m going into my junior year at University of Maryland-College Park, where I will be majoring in multiplatform journalism. I even live in the UMD Bayit with five other wonderful Habo friends! I really can’t wait for the kids to arrive and it’ll be an amazing summer!

I’ll be updating pictures fairly regularly on both Facebook and Campminder in addition to updating the blog with camp activities. This session looks to be really incredible and I can’t wait to document it throughout the summer and share it with all of you!


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