The Summer of Revolution!

During this past week, two tradtional camp activities occurred. Bocoup and Revolution! Bocoup is when the Borgrim kick out both the Tzevet (staff) and the Madatz (CITs) for six hours. The Bocoup theme this session was Atlantis. The campers started at the beach playing in the sand, swimming, collecting seashells, etc. Suddenly, the town they were in went underwater! The campers ended up in Atlantis! They met the Queen, who started out kind. She then became cruel, refusing to let the campers leave. Bocoup ended with the campers fighting the Queen of Atlantis to escape and celebrating their victory with a huge pool party! To tell us more about what Revolution is and what happened this session, I pass the blog over to my fellow Tzevet member, Yael.

This past Wednesday was Revolution! Revo is a time when the Madatz (CITs) take over camp and run their own activities for 24 hours. It is an empowering exercise in accountability, responsibility and creativity.

This session the Revo theme was Road Trip. Chanichim (campers) followed a family through their family vacation. They started off by packing everything they needed. Playing games like “Find Grandpa’s Dentures” they made preparing for a road trip seem fun! Once they were on the road they made sure to stop at all the monuments and landmarks. There were Round Robin stations based on Mt. Rushmore, Disney World, and New Orleans. At the Mt. Rushmore station chanichim did contour drawings of their faces and then carved a new Mt. Rushmore out of cardboard boxes using those drawings.

Lunch at a roadside pit stop consisted of a burrito bar (Chipotle) and cinnamon buns (Cinnabun) they continued on to a machaneh-made water park that included a slip and slide, soap hockey, and time in the pool. As they were leaving the waterpark the GPS broke! They had to get all of the chanichim’s help in figuring out the right directions. They spent some time in Middletown where they did activities such as creating a Kazoo Parade.

Right before dinner they made it to their final destination: LA! Once there they had a swanky dinner and enjoyed an exciting party before the madrichim (counselors) came back.

All in all it was a very successful day, the chanichim (campers) had a great time!

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