Tikkum Olam: Changing the world, One Summer at a Time

Once again, Camp Mosh found itself going off to Tikkum Olam. This session, we divided the chanichim by shichvah and sent them off to do a variety of service projects.

The younger chanichim, the Tzimukim and younger Chalutzim, and their Madataz went to Civics Works Real Food Farm in Baltimore. There, the chanichim helped pull weeds, place mulch, and discuss the issues with food availability in urban areas.

While the Tzimukim and half the Chalutzim were helping the farm; the older Chalutzim and Bonim, along with their Madatz, went to Art is Heart also in Baltimore. Art is Heart aims to embrace the lives of those in need through art, so the chanichim joined others in painting morals. Afterwards, they had a peula about the power of art and how it has been used to aid in social change.

The Bogrim, the remaining Madatz, and the specialist went to the Lillan Jones Recreation Center located in Baltimore to help with the summer day camp. While there, the chanichim played a variety of games with the children there. Some ran games of basketball, soccer, frisbee, etc. Others ran more relaxing activities like art, trigger games, etc. The chanichim and Tzevet them joined the campers from the recreation  center for lunch. Finally, the Bogrim and Madatz had a peula about the events that took place in Baltimore last spring, what’s is currently being done today to counter the issues involved, and how they can connect with those trying to make a change.

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