Monday night, Mosh had one of the most anticipated events of the session- Revolution! This is a time where the madatz (counselors in training) kick out the madrichim (counselors) for 24 hours and plan an entire day’s worth of activities themselves. Besides being a kef (fun) day for all of the chanichim (campers), Revolution teaches the madatz leadership skills and allows them to understand all of the logistics that go into running camp for a day. It is an empowering experience for the madatz, and for the chanchim (campers), as the youth get take over camp and run things for themselves for a day!

This is many of the camper’s favorite days of the session! Here is the story of this session’s revolution, as told by Guest Reporter Naomi Ravick:

Hi! My name is Naomi Ravick and I’m in madatz this summer. Starting Monday night, the chanichim (campers) participated in a fun-filled 24 hours with their madatz. This Revolution’s theme was Dreams vs. Nightmares! Our revo kicked off with a slumber party and s’mores cake before bed. The chanichim woke up to a candy covered machaneh (camp) and a dream filled round robin. Some of the stations included a pool obstacle course, a birthday party, and more!

DSC_0439 DSC_0516After lunch, we had a tug of war competition between dream characters and nightmare characters. Unfortunately, the nightmare characters won! We then had a “scary” round robin with the nightmare characters. Some of the stations included making ooblek and making fun nightmare decorations.

After the round robin, chanichim participated in chugim (special interest groups) where they got to choose which activities they wanted to go to. They could choose between options like a blind taste test, painting their own nightmare, and listening to scary stories.

DSC_0663 DSC_0666Once the chugim ended, we had a delicious pasta bar dinner. After dinner, the dream characters and the nightmare characters had an epic battle, and the dream characters won! The chanichim then cleaned themselves up and had a mesibah (party) to celebrate their victory. The madrichim (counselors) returned, and the chanichim were sent to bed for some dreams of their own.

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