Racial Justice Night

I hope everyone had a wonderful time on visitor’s day! We really enjoyed having all the parents here to show them what Mosh is about and why we love our camp.

Monday night, we had Racial Justice Night, which was a time for the whole machaneh (camp) to talk about racial issues. This was the first racial justice night we’ve ever done, but in light of the events of this past year, we felt it was important to engage in conversations about race and privilege with our chanichim (campers).

The night began with dinner on the softball field, where everyone sat with their tzrif/ohel (cabin/tent) and talked about how they’ve learned about racial justice in the past, and why they thought it was important to talk about. Then, we had a round robin where chanichim (campers) went around to a number of different stations about racial justice issues throughout history.

At one station, the chanichim (campers) were given the Louisiana literacy test that African Americans had to complete before they could vote. After seeing how long and complex the test was, the chanichim discussed why such tests were unfair, and how they contributed to racial inequality.

DSC_0823At a different station, the chanichim (campers) learned about Obama and racism, and discussed how racism is still present in today’s society.

DSC_0826After all of the stations, the chanichim (campers) what they had learned, and why it’s still important to talk about these historical events even though they happened a long time ago.

At this point, the younger chanichim (campers) went to sleep, and the older chanichim continued the night with chugim (special interest groups) about the different areas of police brutality that happened this past year. They could choose between different locations, and learn about the incidents that happened in Ferguson, Baltimore, Wisconsin, and more. After reading articles, the chanichim (campers) processed what they learned, and also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement that sprung up this year.

By the end of the night, the chanichim (campers) had engaged in a lot of important conversations about racial justice and equality, and were able to confront the inequality we still face in this country. This night was educational for both the chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors)!

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