Pish Spotlight: Chotrim

For today’s pish, I joined the Chotrim (going into 6th and 7th grade) while they learned about kupa and working together as a team. Kupa is our system of sharing at Mosh. It allows us to practice communal living, and appears in many different ways around machaneh (camp). For example, chanichim (campers) share their candy, food, and toiletries with each other, and no one at machaneh (camp) has personal money to spend. Kupa also appears in more abstract ways. Our system of kupa encourages chanichim (campers) to treat each other equally and with respect. It also requires chanichim to work together daily to achieve their goals.

During pish, the Chotrim began by playing a game of “Ninja”, where chanichim (campers) stand in a circle and each take turns trying to hit each other’s hands by jumping around and karate chopping. This was a good way of warming the kids up and allowing them to blow off some steam before they began the educational aspects of the peula (activity).

DSC_0287 DSC_0290 DSC_0294 DSC_0299Next, the Chotrim were divided into two groups, and given the task to transport water from one bin to another using plastic cups. One team was told that they could stand in a line and pass the cups from person to person in order to fill up the bin. The other team was told that they had to go one by one and walk each cup to the bin.

DSC_0269 DSC_0271 DSC_0272 DSC_0274 DSC_0275In the end, the team that was standing in a line and passing cups was able to fill up their bin faster than the team that had to go one by one! The chotrim then had a conversation about why the first team was more successful, and talked about the importance of working together in order to accomplish goals.

After this conversation, the Chotrim split up into groups again and came up with skits about different ways people work together and share around machaneh (camp). Some examples they used were sharing candy and toiletries (like shampoo or conditioner) with each other. The Chotrim then learned about kupa at Mosh, and elected two kupa representatives! Kupa representatives are the people that the Chotrim can go to if they lose something or need something, like a new toothbrush or a water bottle. The kupa representatives are in charge of telling the madrichim (counselors), who will make sure the chanich or chanicha gets what they need.

Meet the new Chotrim kupa reps: Ezra and Sarah!
Meet the new Chotrim kupa reps: Ezra and Sarah!

After electing the kupa representatives, the Chotrim got together and learned some Chotrim cheers to sing after meals in the chadar ochel (dining hall). To end the pish, the Chotrim all stood up and sang together as a shichva (age group).


Here’s my favorite Chotrim cheer that they learned!

Well it looks like your team has got the boogy woogy blues

And if your team can’t boogy, your team is gonna lose!

Come on  and boogy, come on and boogy

The Chotrim Boogy!


And if you ain’t Chotrim take your bad self home!

What did we learn today?

“I learned fun new cheers and a new game!” -Jonah
“I learned that teamwork is important and makes thing easier.” -Joe
“I learned why kupa is important at Mosh!” -Kayla
“I learned a new cheer to sing after meals.” -Danielle

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