Pish Spotlight: Amelim

Peulat shichvah (age group activity), or pish for short, is a time we have every day where kids split up into their shichvot (age groups), and have discussions about a wide variety of topics including camp, interpersonal relationships, the environment, social justice in the United States and around the world, and more! Pish is a time for chanichim (campers) to learn from their madrichim (counselors) and from each other, and helps shape their values for the rest of their lives. Throughout the session, you can read about different peulot (activities) that will be led for chanichim (campers) of all ages.

Tonight, I will be writing about the Amelim (going into 4th and 5th grade) and their first peulat shichvah! On the first day, it is important for all of the chanichim (campers) to understand camp rules going into the summer. So for their pish, the Amelim got to learn all of the Mosh rules by playing fun games and even getting a cool souvenir!

The pish started with all of the Amelim playing a name game so that they could continue getting to know each other better. Afterwards, the Amelim got in a circle and played pass the parcel. This game is similar to hot potato. It involves chanichim passing around a package while music is playing, and when the music stops, the chanich or chanicha who is holding the package gets to take something out of it. Today, the Amelim were passing around a package of t-shirts that had rules written on them. When the music stopped, the chanich or chanicha who was holding the t-shirt package would take one out and read the rule on it. Afterwards, all of the chanichim got to keep their t-shirts!

DSC_0266 DSC_0267-001 DSC_0268-001 DSC_0271

This pish was a fun way for the Amelim to learn about the camp rules while getting to play a game. Plus, the kids now have a cool t-shirt to wear around camp so that no one ever forgets the rules!


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