First Session Begins!

Welcome to First Session 2015!!!

After months of waiting, Mosh is finally here! First session began today, and everyone here could not be more excited! The chanichim (campers) arrived on buses today, and were greeted by the madatz (counselors in training) dressed in silly costumes.

Madatz (counselors in training) chase down the buses!

Chanichim (campers) ran off the buses cheering and laughing, and whether this was their first summer or their fifth, it was easy to tell that all of the kids were excited to be here. The chanichim (campers) then and headed to the MLC (the big indoor pavilion) to meet their madrichim (counselors) and get sorted into their shichvot (age groups).

DSC_0282 DSC_0292 DSC_0283In the MLC, the chanichim got to see their old friends from past summers, and begin meeting new people! Music played from the speakers, and the whole camp danced, sung, and cheered together as we all welcomed in the new session.

DSC_0300 DSC_0301 DSC_0306

Mazkirut for Summer 2015: Lila Weintraub, Marissa Friedman, and Josh Friedman!
Mazkirut for Summer 2015: Lila Weintraub, Marissa Friedman, and Josh Friedman!

Chanichim (campers) were then split into their shichvot (age groups), and went with their madrichim (counselors) to their respective tzrifim/ohelim (cabins/tents) to start unpacking. Everyone was excited to begin settling into their spaces, and also to start getting to know each other better.DSC_0339 DSC_0340 DSC_0342 DSC_0345 DSC_0351After a delicious lunch of chicken nuggets, chanichim (campers) split up by their shichvot (age groups) and went on a round robin around machaneh (camp) that included a tour of camp, unpacking time, a swim test, health checks, and more!

Later, chanichim (campers) got to watch skits put on by the madrichim (counselors) introducing different avodah (work groups) and chugim (special interest groups) options that chanichim could sign up for. Keep checking the blog throughout the session to learn more about the avodah and chugim that the chanichim do everyday!

As the chanichim (campers) get ready for dinner, it’s obvious that all the kids are happy and ready to see what the summer holds for them. This has been a great first day at Mosh, and we are all so excited for the rest of the session! Make sure to keep checking the blog everyday for updates about what your kids are doing, and also feel free to check us out on Facebook for more pictures of Mosh!

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