Quiet unrest and whispered plans have been stirring all session. The inevitable has finally become a reality. Machaneh (camp) was gathered as usual on Tuesday night, when out of the blue the Madatz (junior counselors) jumped on stage and seized control. Tzevet fled a barrage of water balloons, and chanichim (campers) yelped with delight.

Revolution was upon us! The Madatz finally held power over camp and had the opportunity to run a full day of special programming. Their dreams of revolution crystallized after many long days of careful and creative planning. Madatz learned about all the logistical considerations and attention to health and safety that must go into a day at machaneh. Revolution is a crucial piece of the Madatz summer, as it teaches leadership skills and responsibility in a hands-on and empowering way. Most importantly, it is the highlight of the summer for many chanichim!

Upon tzevet’s return, here is the tale they told:

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Jarod Golub and I am a Madatz this summer. Revolution is when Madatz kick out the tzevet for a full 24 hours! Some members of tzevet stay behind for safety reason, such as the marp (infirmary) staff, Jen, the Executive Director, lifeguards, mitbach (kitchen) staff, and one madrich/a working with each shichva (age-group). Madatz really enjoy running revo because it gives us a chance to see the chanichim have fun doing something that we created.

This session, the revo theme was Mad Scientist. To begin with, the chanichim were introduced to the Mad Scientist and all of his friends, by going through a round robin of many different activities. These consisted of star-gazing with Galileo, mixing potions with Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory”, and even creating new elements with the Mad Scientist himself.


After a fun-filled night of activities, the chanichim were given a chance to sleep in and eat an extra special breakfast. They then participated in another round robin with characters like Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” and Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz from “Phineas and Ferb”.


Finally, after a little more free time, the chanichim were ready to train to defeat the Mad Scientist and destroy his harmful element. This was done by going through a carnival with stations such as throwing pies at the scientist or even playing four square. The training culminated with a balloon fight , and finally, a messiba (party) to celebrate victory.


This structure is made entirely of trash bags and duct tape!

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