Zman Metsuyan: An Excellent Time!

“I learned about how Mosh connects to its sister movement (Hanoar Ha’oved) and how they work together and progress together…. Habonim  Dror should act on its pillar of being “Progressive” Labor Zionist and change with Israel, while still drawing from its atmosphere and past.”

Joseph Gelula, Bogrim (rising 10th grader)

Zman Metsuyan is an Excellent Time every afternoon where we learn about Israeli history, culture, and current events as well as Habonim Dror, the Labor-Zionist youth movement that Mosh is a part of (read up!

At Zman Metsuyan this afternoon, Mosh was transformed. Chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) found themselves at Kibbutz Gezer, a kibbutz founded by Habonim members in 1945.

Life on the kibbutz was quite the experience! Chanichim worked together to fold laundry, make pita, meet and make communal decisions, and guard the kibbutz doors (by playing freeze dance, of course).

DSC_0431 DSC_0436

All of the sudden we received shocking news! The kibbutz we had all come to know was changing dramatically. Privatization drove our socialist lifestyle from the kibbutz and into the cities, where we settled down with our kvutsot (groups) and met modern day movement members.


Movement members were more than happy to tell us about their work in the city. We learned that they were unionizing youth workers, educating Diaspora Jews on their tours through Israel, creating connections between Arab and Jewish Israeli youth through kenim (clubs), and managing afterschool programs for underprivileged children. 

The change from life on the kibbutz to life in the city was dramatic. We saw first-hand that the Habonim Dror movement had adapted to privatization and developments in Israeli society. And, we could by-and-large agree that movement members had held onto their socialist roots.

DSC_0451 DSC_0443

It was eye-opening to see how Habonim Dror creates youth communities similar to Mosh in Israel and around the world. We learned about the roots of Habonim Dror and saw just how the movement is creating change in Israel today.


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