A Restful Shabbat

Hello again after a restful Shabbat!

Friday and Saturday at Mosh are very different from the rest of the week. The seder yom (schedule) and spirit of Shabbat create a change of pace and mindset. Shabbat becomes a time for relaxation, rejewvenation, and reflection.

Ask your chanichim (campers) how Shabbat at Mosh feels different from Shabbat at home. What is special about the way we observe Shabbat at Mosh?

Friday starts out as usual with avodah (work) to prepare for a restful Saturday, but quickly winds down throughout the afternoon. Friday afternoons are a time to shower, dress in special clothes, and tidy tzrifim and ohelim (cabins and tents) in hopes of winning the cleaning competition.

Kabalat Shabbat (welcoming Shabbat) begins as we all gather around the toran (flagpole) to wish each other “Shabbat Shalom” and sing Hatikvah. We then wind along the Kicar (the path) singing.

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow,

Dont walk behind me, I may not lead,

Just walk besides me and be my friend, and together we will walk in peace again.


We wrap in spiral along the grass, then sit and listen to stories and reflections about the week. Chanichim and Rosh Machaneh (head of camp, Dekel Merin) share their thoughts.


The night’s festivities proceeded with a delicious dinner, Shabbat shira (singing), and rikkud (israeli dancing). Friday is a fun night for us all as chanichim learn and enjoy the traditions.

Saturdays feel equally reflective and relaxing. Today, I want to highlight one aspect of Saturdays in particular – Asepha Klalit (general meeting).

If we do not think about how we want the world to look, others will do it for us. If we do not take active steps to shape the world in the way we believe is right, someone else will do it instead. As a group we have the power to create a different reality, with different behavioral norms. Our power as human beings stems from our ability to think, to plan, and to decide how we want to be as human beings and how we want our society to look. (Excerpt from, “A Vacuum Does Not Exist”)


Asepha Klalit is an opportunity for everyone, young or old, to voice their opinion about things happening at camp. Everyone circles around a chair and either walks, crawls, or dances to the center to make a comment. Rules: first person to tap the chairs gets to speak, NO RUNNING!, and be respectful and constructive.


When you make it to the chair, all of machaneh listens to what you have to say. People will mention repairs that need to happen, food requests (strawberry jelly, please!), and general thoughts about machaneh ruach (camp spirit) and activities.


One thought on “A Restful Shabbat

  1. Thanks for a very nice description of how Shabbath is special at Camp Moshava. I always remember loving Shabbath at Habonim camp. We would all have showers, put on white shirts, and give out lots of hugs.

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