Chugim (Special Interest Group)

“A living culture embraces the whole of life. Whatever man creates for the sake of life is ·culture; the tilling of the soil, the building of homes, of all kinds of buildings, the paving of roads, and so on. Each piece of work, each deed, each act is an element of culture.” – A.D. Gordon

Some of Chug Slam Dunk the Funk

Much of our afternoon at Machaneh Moshava is comprised of activities and fun. We do Chavayot (Experiences) which alternate between activities such as canoeing, tubing, arts and crafts and games/sports like gaga, soccer and basketball. This is a time of the day when the chanichim (campers) get to run around and have fun in their kvutsa (age group). Then we come to many people’s favorite part of the day, chugim! 


Chug Reading!

Chugim are special interest groups. There are always a wide variety of chugim to try out. This session we have a chug that is making a documentary about mosh, one that plays basketball, one that reads and builds kites, one that does mental challenges and puzzles, and many more. The chanichim get to decide which one they wanted to be in and they will continue to be in it for the rest of the session. 

Our afternoons at Mosh are filled with active fun! They help create the culture here at Mosh that encourages chanichim to develop new skills and passions! 

Chug Improv Comedy

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