When your kids return home, you may notice some changes. Some will beg to clean toilets. Others will instinctually jump to wash dishes after dinner. You might even find them smiling as they take out the trash.

At Mosh we start every day by doing avoda (work) to keep camp clean and functional. Because Mosh is based upon the structure and ideals of the kibbutz movement, we believe that every chanich(a), madatz, and tzevet member should contribute what they can to machaneh (camp). Everyone does a portion of the labor that is necessary for Mosh to stay clean and beautiful. Rather than hiring outside help, we take pride in putting in our own hard work and sweat.

After hikansut boker (morning gathering) and aruhat boker (breakfast), everyone splits into anafim (work groups). Chanichim can choose their summer-long anaf (work group) from many options, based on their interests and strengths.

When trashcans fill and recycling piles up, anaf ashpah comes to the rescue!DSC_0423DSC_0434

The artistically inclined can paint murals and kishutim for shabbat (decorations for shabbat) in anaf tziur.
And now for an all time favorite! ANAF SABABA (sababa = awesome)! In anaf sababa, chanichim keep the bathrooms clean… and have the occasional water fight.


Our gan (garden) and pinat chai (animal life) are two of the many things that make Mosh unique. We grow vegetables and herbs in our gan and care for goats and chickens in the pinat chai. Chanichim weed, water, and harvest plants as well as feed and collect eggs from our animals. Dobby and Winky, the goats, are tons of fun to pet and play with!


Anaf medurah is the perfect spot for chanichim who enjoy being in nature and the woods. This anaf chops firewood and sets up our weekly medurah (bonfire). Everyone in anaf medurah must wear closed toed shoes and carry water bottles.

Anaf MLC/Sif takes responsibility for cleaning our indoor pavillion and our library. Both of these spaces need to be sweeped and organized on a daily basis!

For those interested in the culinary arts, anaf veggie cutting is the place to be! Chanichim help the mitbach (kitchen) by slicing, dicing, and peeling vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Last, but not least, is anaf aruhat boker. These folks set up breakfast, get to eat first, and help serve and clean up. This anaf involves lots of sweeping, dishwashing, and table wiping.

Avoda allows everyone to take ownership over machaneh (camp). Young or old, each of the chanichim feel a sense of accomplishment and pride over their work. By the end of the summer, everyone can smile and point out the mural they painted, toilet they cleaned, or tomato plant they nurtured. Mosh belongs to all of us.

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